The 11th International Phycological Congress (IPC11)のお知らせ



We are delighted to invite you to come to the 11th International Phycological Congress, 13-19 August 2017, in Szczecin, Poland. It's a great opportunity to come and contribute your own presentation or poster and to enjoy an exciting and diverse programme. There will be four plenary lectures and you will be able to choose from among 14 symposia of invited speakers on subjects as diverse as mariculture and bioprospecting to metabarcoding and genomics, fossil algae to endosymbiosis. Early Bird registration ends on April 15, so be quick! We hope to see as many of you as possible in Szczecin! Details and registration at

The programme includes:

Plenary lectures:
Georg Pohnert (Friedrich Schiller Universitat, Jena, Germany) "Chemical communication in microalgae - how unicellular organisms shape and perceive their environment"
Zoe Finkel (Mount Allison University, Canada) "An evolutionary imprint on the macromolecular composition of microalgae"
Nils Kroger (Technische Universitat, Dresden, Germany) "How to build a glass house: investigations on the molecular mechanism of diatom silica morphogenesis"
Christine Maggs (University of Bournemouth, UK) "Linnean systematics in the age of Big Data"

Symposium "Bioprospecting for algae: the profitable side of collecting algae" (organizers: Robert Andersen and Eneko Ganuza)
Michelle Barbier (science synergies, Institut de science et ethique; Mediterranean Science Commission, France) "Access to algae: legislation, science and ethics"
William Barclay (Omega Tech Inc/ Martek Biosciences/DSM, Colorado, USA) "Microalgae bio-prospecting: an often overlooked key to success in the development of commercial microalgal technologies"
Gerardo Toledo (VP Discovery, Indigo Agriculture, Boulder, Colorado, USA) "Bridging through biological diversity, regulatory framework and product specs for accelerated commercial launches in health, nutrition and agriculture"
Ferran Garcia-Pichel (School of Sciences, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, USA) "Bioprospecting for the right cyanobacteria in ecological and soil restoration"

Symposium "Effects of global change on algal physiology and composition" (organizers: Cristina Sobrino, Mario Giordano and John Beardall)
Woodward Fischer (California Institute of Technology, USA) "The geobiological role of manganese in the evolution of oxygenic photosynthesis"
David Hutchins (University of Southern California, USA) "Tipping the balance: Iron and phosphorus co-limitation of cyanobacterial N2 fixation in the present and future ocean"
Antonietta Quigg (Texas A&M University at Galveston, USA) "Ambient versus elevated pCO2 on diatom aggregation and physiological responses when exposed to oil, dispersant and both"
John Raven (University of Dundee, UK) "Interactions between energetics and composition"
Mario Giordano (Universita Politecnica delle Marche, Italy) "Environmental perturbations and cell composition"

Symposium "Applications of high-throughput sequencing in algal systematics" (organizers: Heroen Verbruggen and Olivier De Clerck)
Pilar Diaz (Universidad de A Coruna, Spain) "Phylogenomics resolves the early rapid radiation of the Rhodomelaceae (Rhodophyta) and informs tribal-level reclassification"
Andrea del Cortona (University of Ghent, Belgium) "Molecular evolution and morphological diversification of ulvophytes"
Marie-Laure Guillemin (Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile) "Model species in brown algae: a reappraisal of Ectocarpus species diversity using both classical and massive sequencing"

Symposium "Evolutionary genetics of algae" (organizers: Myriam Valero & Christophe Destombe)
Susana Coelho (Station Biologique de Roscoff, France) "Using evolutionary genetics to unravel the origins and evolution of the sexes in the brown algae"
Stacy A. Krueger-Hadfield (The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama, USA) "La vie en algue rouge: the genetics and evolutionary ecology of the colonization of novel habitats in haploid-diploid seaweeds"
Joao Neiva (Universidade do Algarve, Portugal) "Unravelling the evolutionary history of fucoid radiations - phylogeographic insights"
Mickael Le Gac (Ifremer, Plouzane, France) "Incipient speciation in Alexandrium minutum: evolutionary process and functional basis"
Anke Kremp (Finnish Environment Institute, Marine Research Centre, Finland) "Genetic diversity and evolutionary adaptation in populations of bloom forming Baltic microalgae"

Symposium "Ecological metabarcoding and metagenomics of phytoplankton" (organizers: Bente Edvardsen & Daniel Vaulot)
Adriana Lopes dos Santos (Station Biologique de Roscoff, France) "Combining culture and metabarcoding for little known phytoplankton groups"
Elianne Dunthorn Egge (University of Oslo, Norway) "Metabarcoding of haptophytes"
Javier del Campo (University of British Columbia, Canada) "EukRef. A community effort towards phylogenetic-based curation of ribosomal databases"
Daniel Richter (Station Biologique de Roscoff, France) "Metagenomics and metatranscriptomes of oceanic communities"

Symposium "Systematics and evolution of macroalgae" (organizers: Christine Maggs and Juliet Brodie)
Hiroshi Kawai (Kobe University, Japan) "The phylogeography of basal taxa of kelps"
Susanne C. Schneider (Norwegian Institute for Water Research, Oslo, Norway) "Determination of Chara: morphology 'versus' genetics"
Juliet Brodie (Natural History Museum, London, UK) "Systematics and biogeography of Bangiales"
Viviana Pena (Universidad de A Coruna, Spain) "Coralline red algae: new insights challenge our understanding of a global benthic group"

Symposium "Endosymbiosis and evolution in red alga-derived plastids" (organizers: Jan Janouskovec and Marek Elias)
Ryoma Kamikawa (Kyoto University, Japan) "Reductive evolution of plastids in diatoms after loss of photosynthesis"
Richard Amos Dorrell (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France) "Mosaic origins and complex fates of ochrophyte plastids revealed through an ancient organelle"
Shannon Sibbald (Dalhousie University, Canada) "Pinpointing the acquisition of complex red algal plastids in Cryptophyta - a phylogenomic investigation of the cryptomonad Goniomonas avonlea"
Jan Janouskovec (University College London, UK) "Dinoflagellate plastids as models for understanding endosymbiosis"

Symposium "Baltic algae - from the past to the future" (organizers: Angela Wulff & Hendrik Schubert)
Ellen Schagerstrom (Stockholm University, Sweden) "Macroalgal speciation in the Baltic Sea"
Georg Martin (University of Tartu, Estonia) "Patterns of distribution of macroalgal diversity in the Baltic Sea"
Sanna Suikkanen (Marine Research Centre, Finnish Environment Institute, Finland) "Decadal trends in Baltic Sea phytoplankton communities"
Petra Nowak (University of Rostock, Germany) "Conservation of phenotypic plasticity along the stable environmental gradients of the Baltic Sea"

Symposium "How to name algae: names, taxa & databases" (organizers: Regine Jahn & Wolf-Henning Kusber)
Nick Turland (Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin, Germany) "Changes to the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants made at IBC2017 in Shenzhen: What does this mean for you?"
Wolf-Henning Kusber (Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin, Germany) "Registration of Algae Names"
Pat Kociolek and Lee Vandepitte (University of Colorado, USA and VLIZ, Belgium) "DiatomBase"

Symposium "Algal microbiomes in ecology, physiology, development and evolution" (organizers: Claire Gachon and Benedicte Charrier)
Suhelen Egan (University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia) "Breaking bad: opportunistic bacterial pathogens of seaweeds"
Claire Gachon (SAMS, Oban, Scotland, UK) "Defence reactions of brown algae against the oomycete pathogens Eurychasma and Anisolpidium"
Thomas Wichard (Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany) "The sea lettuce Ulva only gets into shape with the right bacteria: how morphogens direct algal development and differentiation"
Assaf Vardi (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel) "Mapping the virus-induced metabolic seascape during algal blooms in the ocean"

Symposium "Biologists vs Palaeontologists: reconciling the two approaches" (organizers: Ric Jordan and Peter Siver)
Juan C. Braga (Universidad de Granada, Spain) "Current status and prospects of paleontological research on coralline algae"
Matt Ashworth (University of Texas - Austin, USA) "'Known unknowns' in the molecular phylogeny: where fossil taxa might help us resolve the evolutionary history of diatoms"
Kevin McCartney (University of Maine, USA) "What paleontology can say about modern silicoflagellates that phycology has missed"
Rosie Sheward (Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany) "Wanted: dead and alive! Integrating extant with extinct to transform our understanding of coccolithophore physiology, ecology and evolution"

Symposium "Current and past processes shaping microalgal biogeography" (organizers: Wim Vyverman and Anna Godhe)
Pat Kociolek (University of Colorado, USA) "Freshwater diatom biogeography: from 'everything is everywhere' to endemism and beyond"
Amy Zimmerman and Alexandra Worden (Roosevelt University, Chicago, USA, and University of California Santa Cruz) "Fine-scale phytoplankton diversity and seasonal dynamics in the Sargasso Sea revealed by a decade of high resolution sampling"
Dieter Hanelt (Universitat Hamburg, Germany) "UV radiation effects on algal community structure along a latitudinal gradient"
Anna Godhe (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) "Exploring human-induced evolution using genomics of revived diatoms from natural archives"

Symposium "Insights from the genome of Porphyra umbilicalis into evolutionary trends and environmental adaptations in the red algae" (organizers: Susan Brawley and Arthur Grossman)
Martin Lohr (University of Mainz, Germany) "Biosynthesis of photoprotective pigments in Porphyra"
Glen L. Wheeler (Marine Biological Association, UK) "Calcium-dependent signalling in Porphyra"
Holly V. Goodson and Susan H. Brawley (University of Notre Dame and University of Maine, USA) "Cytoskeletal capacities and constraints"
Katherine E. Helliwell, Ulrich Johan Kudahl, and Alison G. Smith (University of Cambridge and Marine Biological Association, UK) "Insights into vitamin metabolism from Porphyra and consequences for biotic interactions"

Symposium "Fundamentals to move from seaweed cultivation to marine agronomy" (organizers: Helena Abreu and Alan Critchley)
Final details still under discussion, but speakers will include Philippe Potin (Station Biologique de Roscoff, France) and Freek van den Heuvel (Hortimare BV, The Netherlands)
Juliet Brodie (President, International Phycological Society
Andrzej Witkowski (University of Szczecin; Convener Local Organizing Committee)
David Mann (Chair, International Organizing Committee)