Japanese Society of Phycology Privacy Policy

Effective date: August 1st, 2010

1. Collection of Personal Information
The Japanese Society of Phycology (“JSP,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) collects your personally identifiable information to facilitate business activities related to being a member of JSP. Any requests we make for your personal information will be accompanied by an explicit statement underlying the purposes for such collection. By providing your information to us, you are deemed to volunteer your personal information and consent to the collection, storage, and use of your personal information as outlined in this privacy policy.

2. Use of Personal Information
JSP uses your personal information in the following ways:
・ Personal identification
・ Sending you copies of JSP research magazines
・ Notifying you of JSP elections
・ Requesting fees such as registration fees
・ Notifying you of changes, suspensions, or withdrawals from JSP membership
・ Requesting necessary information for JSP membership related activities
・ Requesting information or the completion of surveys relevant to the operation and management of JSP

Please note that your personal information may be used or requested for reasons not listed above in the following cases:
・ use or provision in accordance with law and regulations
・ when consent is given by the provider of personal information
・ when outsourcing your personal information to a third party for the sole purpose of fulfilling business activities such as when subcontracting to a third party for sending out JSP research magazines
・ any other purpose if deemed justified by the general assembly of JSP members or by the board members
3. Storage of Personal Information
JSP implements reasonable measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized disclosure or leakage, loss, and alteration.

4. Disclosure and Revision of Personal Information
JSP will disclose personal information to the original provider of that personal information upon request. Furthermore, JSP will promptly make any corrections to existing personal information upon request from the original provider.

5. Using the JSP Website
The JSP website does not use “cookies” to collect information. Data that is transferred between the JSP web server and the user’s computer such as text that is typed into the JSP website is not stored. The JSP web server logs viewing records for the sole purposes of monitoring website usage and such data cannot be linked to your personal information. Access to the JSP website is deemed voluntary and done at your own risk. JSP is not responsible for any problems arising from the usage of third party websites that are linked to our webpage.

6. Email Usage
JSP only sends emails to users who have registered their email address in order to receive messages that are necessary to conduct business affairs or are deemed to be beneficial for the user. As a general rule, the contents of such emails sent by JSP are stored on the JSP website.

7. Revisions to this Privacy Policy
JSP reserves the right to revise or amend this Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason. Revisions to our Privacy Policy will be posted on the JSP website and your personal information will be collected, stored, and used in accordance with the new, revised privacy policy.

8. Questions regarding your personal information
Please contact the JSP secretariat for any questions regarding your personal information.