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 The Japanese Society of Phycology (JSP) was founded in 1952, to promote all researches that are related to algae and phycology, and to become a central hub of people who are interested in phycology. Membership is open to any individual and group who is interested in phycology. The society currently has a worldwide membership of about 1,000 members and subscribers.

39th JSP Annual Meeting in Fukuoka 2015

The 39th JSP Annual Meeting will be held in Kyusyu University, Fukuoka, on 20th-22nd, March 2015.

 Date: 20th (Fri) - 22nd (Sun) March 2015
 Venue: Kyusyu University,Fukuoka
 Secretary: Prof. Shigeo KAWAGUCHI
 実行委員: Dr. Akira KURIHARA


Effective with the 2015 volume, Phycological Research will be published in an online‐only format. Please note that a member of the Japanese Society of Phycology will continue to receive a print journal as part of the membership in 2015 onwards.


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39th Annual Meeting
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